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Eric Collet is professor of Physics, studying photoinduced phase transitions in molecular materials and their ultrafast dynamics:
- from microscopic to macroscopic,
- from electronic excitation to structural trapping.

He is developping advanced structural studies, combined with ultrafast techniques like femtosecond optical pump-probe spectroscopy and ultrafast X-ray Science (diffraction and XANES) at synchrotron and X-FEL.

He is member of the Institut Universitaire de France (junior 2008-13), deputy Director of the Institut de Physique de Rennes and director with S. Okhoshi of the International Lab France-Japan IM-LED.

contact: eric.collet{a}univ-rennes1.fr

Eric Collet has been awarded the Louis Ancel price of the French Physical Society in 2017 for his achievements in condensed matter physics.

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