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dimanche 19 février 2017

Huygens et le pendule magique

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mercredi 11 janvier 2017

The spectrum of non-selfadjoint operators

Obtaining precise approximation of eigenvalues of non-selfadjoint operators is a notoriously difficult problem, because of pseudospectral effects: the norm of the resolvent R(z) can be very large, even if z is quite far from the spectrum.

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mardi 13 décembre 2016

List of publications

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mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Black hole of ignorance (again)

Ignorance leads to fear, leads to terrorism, leads to sheer stupidity. Another black day.

mardi 10 mai 2016

Quantum rotation number

With Monique Dauge and Mike Hall, we had the idea to use quantum spectra to compute the classical rotation number of some integrable systems.

This gave us some nice pictures !

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